Matt Jackson Vitalpay Records Donates Huge

Matt Jackson Vitalpay Records Star Donates $270,000 to Chicago Youth Home

It is great to see local talent returning home and trying to better their community.  One such story is that of Rock Star Matt Jackson of Vitalpay Records.  Jackson is donating over 25% of all album and mp3 sales to a local Chicago youth home and foster care program.

“it’s so touching” says Sister Mary Jane Margaret of St Christopher’s Youth Home near Chicago’s South side.  “We certainly never expected the Lord to bless us with such love and thanks.”

Jackson was not raised in the home, but several of his adopted brothers were.

Giving back to the community

On September 17 Jackson’s show at the Chicago House of Blues will donate 100% of the ticket proceeds to Christian Lives Make a Difference.  This is very exciting for our struggling community.

Success is no new thing for Jackson

Jackson could have also been a pro base ball player and was scouted by the Detroit Tigers, however his love for music drove him to create a rock band instead.  Its great to see locals come home and help support where they come from.  This is what makes the world a better place.